The Brain Games

Updated: Feb 21

Sitting in solitude, is our agonising truth

Surrounded by the monsters, we created our conquerors

Every word uttered, marked as a blasphemy

Revolting sounds left echoing, inside white padded rooms

Being told we are doomed, as we don’t want to be alright

Called cowards every time, we tried to end our plight

It’s not easy to understand, the feelings consuming us whole

We can’t describe our situation, you have to look into our soul

We don’t blame you because you’re normal

So why are we blamed to be different?

Is it too hard to act decent, when you’re not complacent?

Are we living for ourselves or to make it up to you?

Do we do not have the right to live a life of our truth?

Our illness makes us mad, sometimes we bleed to ease the pain

Sometimes we go much more further to put an end to all the vain

As we are not accepted in society we are treated like animals

Maybe worse than that and this attitude is tragical

All we need is a little love a little care to be alright

We only revolt when you make us get into a fight

With all the emotions and the feelings that we feel inside our mind

As they cripple us day and night making us weaker with time

Remorse kills us every day for we know what we have done

Losing control is dangerous but it surely isn’t fun

We hope all you people will someday understand

Sometimes we lose to our inner demons

It’s not a choice it’s nothing planned

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